Listen to Episode #52 | Chris Currie of Stan’s NoTubes


Topics Covered:

  • Chris Currie backstory / early years in mountain biking
  • How Chris started one of the very first E Commerce Mountain Bike Sites in the mid 90’s – Speedgoat Bikes
  • Content Marketing way before content marketing was a thing
  • Building custom mountain bikes for people in the early years of mountain biking
  • Early Sealant / Tubeless Experimentation 
  • Where Speedgoat Bikes was located and why
  • How Chris got interested in Suspension Design
  • Early days of 29” full suspension that Chris designed and the other misadventures that came along with that journey. 
  • 3VO Suspension Design, and how it functions
  • 3VO suspension on Jamis Bikes
  • Famous Failures / Willingness to Fail
  • You gotta do a lot of things wrong to do a couple things right
  • Trails and how they have evolved from the early days of mountain biking to today
  • The involvement of a community for trails
  • Stan’s Connection program
  • Stan is a real guy, and how NoTubes came to be
  • How Stan’s Connection works
  • How Stan’s Connection is getting to the local, grassroots level of giving back
  • Creating a map to connect people
  • How organizations can get on the Stan’s Connection Map Suggest-a-connection (Link Below)
  • Partnering with Brice Shirbach on the Connection Program
  • Chris’ favorite Trails / Trail Communities
  • Words of Wisdom / Closing Comments


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Trails build community and Communities build trails. What came first you may ask… Host Josh Blum digs into the stories of how trails effect and affect the people and places we call home and those we might like to call home.


Josh Blum is a father and doer of stuff – paired with Advocate, Builder of Trails and Community. Originally from La Crosse WI, Josh has been enjoying the outdoors, trails, and mountain bikes since a young age. Always curious and learning about better ways to improve trail users’ experiences. Josh is employed by WisDOT, and is the owner / operator of Evolution Trail Services.


Author: Ben

Ben is originally from Southeastern Wisconsin. After graduating college at UW La Crosse, he lived in several Midwestern cities, Denver, and Western North Dakota before relocating to Hayward, Wisconsin in 2017, providing a lot of opportunity to experience the outdoors throughout the country. Ben started mountain biking in 2006 after five years of other endurance sports including running and triathlons of various distances. In 2012, he created Mountain Bike Radio and has been dedicated to mountain biking since. He has a lot of experience racing all distances, including 24 hour solos, 12 hour solos, 100 miles, 50 milers, XC distance, fatbikes, gravel, and everything in between. He’s married to wife, Amy, with two young children – Claeson and Paige. Ben hopes that his passion for mountain biking and the outdoors drives his commitment to creating, improving, and maintaining opportunities in the outside world.