Listen to Episode #50 | Vernon Huffman – Access 4 Bikes Marin County


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Topics Covered:

  • No Bikes Signs, and how No Bikes Signs motivated Vernon learn more about these signs
  • Vernon’s background and how he landed in Marin County
  • Prohibition and how it relates to Mountain Biking
  • The Paradigm Trail in Marin County
  • Trail Wars
  • Vernon’s professional career / background, and how that helps him provide scientific background for trails and mountain biking
  • Access 4 Bikes, why it was created and how it started as a political organization vs a nonprofit
  • The difference between a 527 political organization and 501c3 Nonprofit organization
  • The need to depoliticize some for the work for Access 4 Bikes, and created the Access 4 Bikes Foundation (501c3) – Basically copying what the Sierra Club has done with creating dual status
  • Camp Tamarancho, Marin Council of Boy Scouts of America – and how this partnership was formed. 
  • Access 4 Bikes and Lessons Learned and Tools for gaining additional access for Mountain Biking
    • Key Point – Mountain Bikers need to be present at every meeting where mountain biking and access for mountain biking is being discussed
  • Access 4 Bikes Tool Kit
  • The need for surveys to see what is really happening on trails and with trail use
  • Road and Trail Management Plan – Marin County Parks / Marin County Open Spaces
  • Directional Use Trails
  • Famous Failures
  • California Mountain Biking Coalition
  • Places that Vernon has visited / likes to visit for Mountain Biking
  • Closing Comments


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Trail Use Conflict Study by California State Parks:
Road and Trail Management Plan Marin County Parks:
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Trails build community and Communities build trails. What came first you may ask… Host Josh Blum digs into the stories of how trails effect and affect the people and places we call home and those we might like to call home.


Josh Blum is a father and doer of stuff – paired with Advocate, Builder of Trails and Community. Originally from La Crosse WI, Josh has been enjoying the outdoors, trails, and mountain bikes since a young age. Always curious and learning about better ways to improve trail users’ experiences. Josh is employed by WisDOT, and is the owner / operator of Evolution Trail Services.


Author: Ben

Ben is originally from Southeastern Wisconsin. After graduating college at UW La Crosse, he lived in several Midwestern cities, Denver, and Western North Dakota before relocating to Hayward, Wisconsin in 2017, providing a lot of opportunity to experience the outdoors throughout the country. Ben started mountain biking in 2006 after five years of other endurance sports including running and triathlons of various distances. In 2012, he created Mountain Bike Radio and has been dedicated to mountain biking since. He has a lot of experience racing all distances, including 24 hour solos, 12 hour solos, 100 miles, 50 milers, XC distance, fatbikes, gravel, and everything in between. He’s married to wife, Amy, with two young children – Claeson and Paige. Ben hopes that his passion for mountain biking and the outdoors drives his commitment to creating, improving, and maintaining opportunities in the outside world.