Backyard Boys – “Episode 9 – Hittin’ Ramps” | April 19, 2021


MTB Ben and August are back for the 2nd episode after the comeback. August is now venturing off ramps and waiting for his dad to try to make a skinny with his dead chainsaw. Video games are number one….according to August! Listen in for some more fun for the week.

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Author: Ben

Ben is originally from Southeastern Wisconsin. After graduating college at UW La Crosse, he lived in several Midwestern cities, Denver, and Western North Dakota before relocating to Hayward, Wisconsin in 2017, providing a lot of opportunity to experience the outdoors throughout the country. Ben started mountain biking in 2006 after five years of other endurance sports including running and triathlons of various distances. In 2012, he created Mountain Bike Radio and has been dedicated to mountain biking since. He has a lot of experience racing all distances, including 24 hour solos, 12 hour solos, 100 miles, 50 milers, XC distance, fatbikes, gravel, and everything in between. He’s married to wife, Amy, with two young children – Claeson and Paige. Ben hopes that his passion for mountain biking and the outdoors drives his commitment to creating, improving, and maintaining opportunities in the outside world.