Waheela Beer Launch at Shakopee BrewHall


This was the launch of the new Waheela collaboration beer with Shakopee BrewHall, Driven Coffee, and Otso Cycles. Ben sat down with a full group of people, including Matt Vassau and Erin Halloran from Driven Coffee, Ryan Lindquist and Ben Salyards from Shakopee BrewHall, Peter Spencer of Lutsen 99er and Chequamegon MTB Festival, Ashley Shuman – Otso Superfan, and Brandon Dorn of Otso Cycles.

This was a recording at Shakopee BrewHall during the Waheela Beer launch. We covered a full list of topics, including information about the companies, the collaboration, coffee, beer, bikes, and Spam. The panel set up is something new for Mountain Bike Radio and you can expect more of it in the future. Have a listen to learn more about coffee, beer, and bikes.


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