Just Riding Along – Episode 25

Kelp Farming – October 22, 2019


*WARNING* If you are offended easily by Kelp Farmers, you may want to find another podcast.

You get another lengthy discussion/opinion/rant about being Just Riding Along hosts in a touchy environment and how you can support that (HINT HINT) to maintain an honest approach to give you some fun, entertaining, and informative value. Then they dig into questions and the usual. Grab a beer, some bike tools, head out to your garage, and turn up the volume for another episode of Just Riding Along.


– Greg K shared Zirbel Bike, has brake questions, and wants to know what their worst bikes have been.
– Al from Maine offers some thoughts about the brain
– Britney wants to know about frame protection

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– Jeff Gannon dropped a $100 on the crew
– Al from Maine sent over $50
– Nick from Maine sent $25
– James from Vermont gave $50
– Wayne from NJ gave $25
– Joel from CO gave $25
– Mark from CO gave $10

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