Just Riding Along – Episode 24

Dairy Farming – October 1, 2019


Kenny discusses his on-its-way SRAM AXS and his riding out at Deer Valley Resort out in Park City, Utah. Andrea shares her recent outings. Matt’s wearing the boot. They knock out some listener questions and have a fun ol’ time!


– Dominik has tire questions
– Frank needs help with suspension
– Alex is trying decide between rims
– Tyler is looking at buying an Esker Cycles Hayduke and Adam is wondering about a Hayduke too, as well as a Kona Honzo
– Shane has a kangaroo shank (see picture)
– Tom has some bearing info

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  • Dominik from Germany gave $25
  • Lemme Etterbocks gave $10
  • Frank from New York gave $25

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Andrea chats about this ride & more
Shanes kangaroo stabber


SRAM AXS – https://www.sram.com/en/sram/mountain/series/xx1-eagle-axs
Deer Valley Resort – https://www.deervalley.com/
Specialized Fast Trak – https://www.specialized.com/us/en/fast-trak-grid-2bliss-ready/p/155276?color=228142-155276
Fox DPX2 – https://www.ridefox.com/family.php?m=bike&family=dpx2
Fox DPS – https://www.ridefox.com/family.php?m=bike&family=float
Mountain Biking Park City – https://mountainbikingparkcity.com/
Otso Waheela – https://otsocycles.com/collections/waheela-c
Kona Kahuna – https://www.konaworld.com/kahuna.cfm
Esker Cycles Hayduke – https://eskercycles.com/products/hayduke
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