Just Riding Along – Episode 21 & 22 of 2019

#21 & #22 of 2019 – September 9, 2019

Episode 21 – “The Mountain’s Revenge”

Episode 22 – “Coming to you from the Coal Mine”


Here are the next two if the last two at a time weren’t enough. You ready? In Episode 21 of 2019, Andrea tackles Mountain’s Revenge and lives to talk about it. She even kicked ass after some high alpine ice, shivering, and a rough time. Listen to her discuss her experience.

In Episode 22, the three get through a lot. Matt got stitches but made it through…Kenny gives some good information about riding in his area of Utah, including Park City, Deer Valley, and other areas. Plenty of good banter coming to your from the new Coal Mine location. *Any brands and/or companies that are mentioned are not real and should not be taken as real opinion and you should definitely not listen. For entertainment purposes only. (Said in Smokey Bear voice… Only You Can Read Between the Lines).


Episode 21 of 2019:
– No questions for this episode

Episode 22 of 2019:
– Raymond made a Motobacon Bike
– John from Salt Lake City saw Kenny on TV
– Michael wants to know about the Yeti
– A listener is heading out West and looking for recommendations
– Eric is wondering about bearings

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Episode 21 & 22 of 2019:
– None for these two episodes

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