Just Riding Along – Episode 11

EBike Ridin – May 14, 2019


Matt and Andrea tackle this one on their own. Some ebikin’, women mechanic things, buying $100k chickens, drop bar mountain bikes, some questions, and more.

Matt mentions this one, but we’re posting it mostly because we want you to check out the episode and ebikes are apparently popular


– Alexandra has good words for Andrea and needs some advice
– Michael needs help replacing his drivetrain on his old Fargo
– Taylor from Texas is big plus looking for a Leadville bike and wants to know about CushCore and Huck Norris

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– Michael C from PA gave $25


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Specialized Chisel – https://www.specialized.com/us/en/shop/bikes/mountain-bikes/cross-country-mountain-bikes/mens-chisel/c/ccchiselmens
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