Driftless Dirt – Episode 2: Jed Olson of VeloCity Projects

Episode 2 – Jed Olson of VeloCity Projects


Josh is back with a second episode! He sits down with Jed Olson. Jed is full of life experiences, experiences around the La Crosse area, trails, parks, public land, and digging dirt. They chat about some of the history of the city property around Grandad’s Bluff and what it’s been and where it’s going. This episode gives you an idea of some of the interesting people involved in the area trails.

About Jed:

Jed plays in the dirt all day as the owner of VeloCity Projects. He has been back and forth across the globe following one adventure after another by bike, board, or boots. When it came time to raise a family, he and his wife, Kelly, paused just long enough to plant a few roots in the Driftless Area, and then started the adventures all over again, this time with kids in tow. La Crosse and the surrounding area offer all the recreation possibilities they could ever ask for accompanied by a warm welcoming sense of community. Jed loves that he can pick his kids up from school, hit the woods, slopes, or water, and still have dinner on the table before his wife gets home from work. By serving on the ORA board, he has an opportunity to improve and highlight this beautiful place he calls home.


Outdoor Recreation Alliance – https://www.oratrails.org
Outdoor Recreation Alliance on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorRecreationAlliance/
Electric dirt bike build – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scasEb2D4DI&feature=youtu.be
Lueth Park – https://www.cityoflacrosse.org/parksandrec/LuethPark
VeloCity Projects – https://www.facebook.com/VeloCityProjects/
Grandad Bluff Park – https://www.cityoflacrosse.org/parksandrec/GrandadBluffPark


Driftless Dirt is based out of La Crosse, WI which is nearly centered in the Driftless Area. The Driftless Area is a region of the Upper Midwest comprised of SW Wisconsin, NE Iowa, NW Illinois and SE Minnesota. Known for its steep jagged blufftops, massive rock outcroppings, rivers, and spring-fed streams, this area provides excellent topography for nearly all things outdoors.  Spared from the glaciers of the last Ice Age, the steep peaks and valleys were formed.

While mostly unknown, the Driftless Region has a rich history in Mountain Biking spanning back to the mid 80’s. Paired with seemingly endless miles of paved and gravel roads, this area is a cyclists dream.

While cycling may be a large part of this show, we will also bring you the various aspects that make this area great.


Josh Blum is your host of Driftless Dirt. He is a Father, Husband, and Doer of stuff, as well as an Advocate and Builder of Trails and Community. Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Josh has been enjoying the outdoors, trails, and mountain bikes since a young age. He is also the Trails Coordinator for the Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA) in La Crosse. The ORA has a focus on building a uniquely connected community through trails while always seeking out improvements in trail design, construction, and maintenance. In his free time, Josh is employed by WisDOT and coaches for the Mt. La Crosse Ski Team.


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