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Hi! I’m Ben Welnak. You may have followed me over from Mountain Bike Radio. If so, you probably know plenty. If not, thanks for checking this out.

What is The Outdoor Route?
The Outdoor Route is a media company for outdoor-minded people. We’re going to focus on long (and long-er/ish) form content that’s for more normal people. Podcasts will make up a large part of the content, but you’ll also get some writing, video, and pictures to supplement those along the way.

There are so many people, experiences, and places that we never hear or learn about and we feel the real power lies in learning from and being connected to all of them. I want a place where outdoor-minded people can find outdoor-minded content focused around self-powered activities. Bikes, hiking, running, skiing, fishing, hunting, camping, etc and all the people, activitities/events, culture, organizations, food & drink connected to outdoor pursuits.

What can you expect from The Outdoor Route?
The goal is to provide valuable, non-clickbait-y content for “normal” people. We’re not going to make content of people jumping off Everest with wingsuits and you won’t find Danny MacAskill viral videos. What you will find are stories, voices, and perspective into activities in and around the outdoors that are “among” you rather than “above” you. We’ll be a gang of contributors doing a variety of work – established networks (such as Mountain Bike Radio), ongoing podcasts, short term special event coverage, mini-series, regional and local information, and plenty more to keep it engaging and interesting (both for you and us). Sometimes the topics may be serious and other times just plain goofy and fun.

Why did you start The Outdoor Route?
Every year for nearly the last 35 years, I’ve spent time playing and training for some sort of sport, from baseball to wrestling to running marathons to endurance mountain biking. I’ve also always been into the outdoors. I remember fishing as far back as my memory allows and paging through bird books before I could fully read them. Activity and the outdoors have always been my motivation to learn, to appreciate, and to become a better person.

Thanks for checking it out at this point and stay tuned!

– Ben

Last modified: April 17, 2019

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  1. Ryan A says:

    Awesome idea, congrats on making it happen!

    1. outdoorroute says:

      Thanks Ryan

    1. outdoorroute says:


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